Vít Rakušan has been the First Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of the Interior since December 2021. In the previous parliamentary term, he was a member of the Chamber of Deputies of the Parliament of the Czech Republic. He is a teacher by profession: he taught German, history, and political science at Jiří Orten Grammar School in Kutná Hora. Vít went into politics in 2010, becoming a successful mayor of Kolín, a town located in Central Bohemia, and remaining in the position until June 2019. The very same year, he joined the Mayors and Independents party (known as STAN), was elected its leader in April 2019, and has been its head ever since. In politics, he tries to uphold the ideas of the first Czech president Václav Havel, emphasizing respect for human rights, and asserts, for example, that people with a Communist past should not hold high state and government positions.
For his advocacy of the Freedom of Information Act, as well as for introducing the reform of the Office for Economic Supervision of Political Parties and Movements, Vít Rakušan has received a prestigious award from the Reconstruction of the State project. Since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, he has been the National Coordinator for Assistance to People Fleeing the War, appointed by the Government of the Czech Republic.

Last edited in December, 2022

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