Michal Kořan becomes Deputy Executive Director at Aspen Institute CE

A proficient expert on Central Europe, and a skilled researcher in international relations Michal Kořan becomes the Deputy Executive Director at Aspen Institute Central Europe (ACE) as of June 1, 2017. He will succeed Maria Staszkiewicz who leaves this position after five years of dedicated work that helped to establish the Aspen Institute in Prague and to set its mark in the region.

Jiří Schneider, ACE Executive Director, welcomes Michal Kořan will joining the team of the Aspen Institute: “I am confident that Michal’s professional expertise and wide network of contacts will contribute to Aspen Institute’s activities across the Central European region.”

I believe it is now – more than ever – crucial to fight for an unbiased, plural and open platform as a basis for a frank and respectful engagement in sharing opinions and views. I see the Aspen Institute as an irreplaceable intersection of views, ideas, enterprises, people and communities in Central Europe. The Aspen Institute is a unique platform to pursue efforts to reverse the trend of building mental and physical barriers and to make best of current technological and social changes,” states Michal Kořan, the new ACE’s Deputy Executive Director.

Aspen Institute Central Europe is a public benefit organization based in Prague. From 2012 it is the Central European partner of a global Aspen network and serves as a non-ideological platform where representatives of politics, NGOs, business as well as personalities from the arts, sports and science can meet. ACE’s aim is to develop interdisciplinary cooperation and support of Central European leaders from different sectors in their personal and professional development and to foster the values of an open and democratic society.

Michal Kořan

Michal Kořan graduated from the Masaryk University in 2004 and obtained his Ph.D. at the same university in 2008. In 2005, he joined the Institute of International Relations in Prague as a researcher and served later as the Head of Research Department and as a Deputy Director. Since 2009, he is also an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Social Studies in Brno. In 2012, he received a Fulbright Scholarship as a Research Fellow at the WCFIA, Harvard University. See the full bio of Michal Kořan.



Jenda Žáček
communication and PR manager

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