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Values-based leadership is a key focal point for the Aspen Institute around the world. This involves reflecting on core values in our professional paths in decision-making, navigating our teams, leading with self-knowledge, authenticity, and integrity.

In the Aspen Institute CE, we organize a unique program called Aspen Young Leaders Program (AYLP) which offers emerging young leaders the opportunity to improve their personal and professional skills as well as to expand their personal network in the region and reflect on what it means to be a good leader in today’s world.

We support emerging young leaders

After completing the Program, participants become a part of the Aspen Institute Alumni Network, or what we call “Alumni”; a group that connects people across their fields creating a lasting supportive community. It is a network of past AYLP participants who support and inspire each other, provide an understanding bubble of friends, that can build professional and personal ties. The Alumni are invited to remain involved in the Institute’s activities and its development as well as among themselves and are further supported by the Institute.

🔵 You can take a look at our Alumni network of all AYLP participants since 2013.

“Although today’s world is marred by unpredictable forces, the one certainty is that participating in the Aspen Institute Central Europe’s Alumni Network events always leaves me inspired, stimulates my curiosity and empowers me to act in a way that promotes civic responsibility and is beneficial to communities around us. – Zuzana Vuova

“Respectful group of young people who are doing their best to create a positive impact in their communities and beyond. Inspires me all the time.” Do Thu Trang


The Aspen Institute CE organizes many events, formal and informal, and convenes exceptional leaders across various disciplines, connecting and inspiring those who are passionate about improving society. The Alumni are the authentic bearers of the uniqueness of the Aspen approach to contemporary challenges and a living proof that all those who share the need to reflect on our values, also act upon them.

👉  Network meetings – We connect Alumni and cooperate with them across the AYLP editions, countries and disciplines.

👉 Global Aspen Network – Alumni become a part of the Global Aspen Network, being recognized as participants of leadership programs that allow them to reflect on our core values and what it means to be a leader in such a complicated global world. Being a Fellow of the Aspen Global Leadership Network, for example, qualifies you for the McNulty Prize bestowed by the McNulty Foundation in cooperation with the Aspen Institute.

👉  Fellowships – Being a part of the Alumni Network allows you to get many opportunities to attend various seminars, conferences and events across the whole Aspen Global Network, such as  Aspen IDEAS Festival, CityLab Festival, Aspen Seminar for Young European Leaders and many other. We have open calls for fellowships to attend great events!

👉 Conferences, expert roundtables and debates – We organize many events ranging from the Aspen Annual Conference to other Leadership Seminars, expert roundtables, public debates, and many other events, to which our Alumni are invited in many case also as speakers.

👉 Aspen Review and other visibility – In the Aspen Review, we present current issues to the general public in the Aspenian way by adopting unusual approaches and unique viewpoints. We turn to our Alumni to also contribute and share their perspectives, know-how and help them profile themselves publicly.



They can benefit from the network and events organized by the International Partners of the Aspen Institute around the globe. We connect, share and cooperate across the AYLP editions and with other associates. We offer fellowships for some of the International events, such as Aspen IDEAS Festival, CityLab Festival, Aspen Seminar for Young European Leaders and many other opportunities springing from the network. 

The Aspen Institute Central Europe organizes many events ranging from the Aspen Annual Conference to other Leadership Seminar, expert roundtables, public debates, and many other events, to which our Alumni are invited. We welcome them to be speakers at our events or just to participate and get challenged by new ideas. 


“Talking with the best people from diverse spheres of life is often an eye-opener and the AYLP Alumni Network provides an excellent opportunity for that.” Václav Kopecký

AYLP Alumni are as active as they wish, but we are delighted that most of the group remains active and supports our mission of connecting and inspiring people who are passionate about improving society.



BECOME ALUMNI of the Aspen Young Leaders Program! Apply or Nominate a Young Leader!

👉 Call for Applications is usually opened 4-5 months prior to the Program.

👉 The Program runs twice a year, usually during the spring and the fall.

👉 Specific dates are shared on our website right here or in the News section. 

👉 Or you can follow us on our social media FacebookLinkedInTwitterInstagram where we will inform you about the opening of a new call so you won’t miss anything important. 

👉 If you want to nominate a Young Leader, please check the criteria here

👉 For any other questions feel free to contact us at

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