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We support emerging young leaders!

Values-based leadership is a critical focal point for the Aspen Institute worldwide. This involves reflecting on core values in our professional paths in decision-making, navigating our teams, and leading with self-knowledge, authenticity, and integrity. Are you a successful young professional, aged 22-35, coming from the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, or Slovakia? Are you trying to make a positive change in your environment?

The Call for Applications is closed now.

The program itself will take place on October 12-15, 2023 in the Czech Republic.

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About the Aspen Young Leaders Program

At Aspen Institute Central Europe, we organize a unique program called Aspen Young Leaders Program (AYLP) which offers emerging young leaders the opportunity to improve their personal and professional skills as well as expand their private network in the region and reflect on what it means to be a good leader in today’s world. 

Once or twice a year, we put together an interdisciplinary group of approx. 30 young people from Central Europe who debate over 4 days the role of leaders, their core values, the challenges we are facing in today’s society, and the role we play in them.

The Program takes place in remote places in Central Europe and is consistent with the basic Aspen idea of stepping away from the daily routine and reflecting on underlying societal values.

It offers various formal and informal activities to create an environment conducive to sharing ideas, learning, and networking. The agenda includes lectures, workshops, case studies as well as leisure activities.

The Program also consists of workshops that develop participants’ soft skills and provides an opportunity for them to present their specific projects, and in particular, the possibility to network and discuss together in a unique, inspirational gathering.


The uniqueness of the Program lies in:

👉 Its objectives allow people to open up, come out of their comfort zone, move their personal limits, and share their own personal experiences and stories. The participants have the opportunity to share views on what it means to be a leader in such a complicated global world.

👉 Intensity and density. There is not a lot of free time, the participants need to focus and work together almost non-stop. 

👉 Inspiring speakers from Central Europe from various sectors.

👉 Meeting a diversified and interdisciplinary group of inspiring young leaders from Czechia, Hungary, Poland, Slovakia, or long-term residents living and acting in central Europe.

👉Triggering further cooperation and open conversations among participants, connecting them with the rest of the Alumni group.

👉 The possibility to network and discuss together in a safe, unique, and inspirational gathering.

👉 Sessions that develop participants’ soft skills.

👉 The purpose is not to learn hard skills and textbook knowledge BUT to listen, reflect, and get challenged and inspired with the hope to grow motivated in their next professional steps. 

👉 Graduates become part of a loose network of Alumni that support and inspire each other, providing an understanding bubble of friends, and which builds professional and personal ties.    


More than 400 young leaders have joined AYLP since 2013!

“When I was invited to join the Aspen network, it was one of the turning points in my life. I got to know different people with similar struggles, and I imagined better what I wanted to achieve in my life.” – Yemi A.D.



The uniqueness of the Program is defined by the strong emphasis on the quality and diversity of speakers and the broad array of topics and open conversations. We invite outstanding and inspiring professionals from Central Europe, who debate the role of leaders and issues critical for the region’s development.

An interdisciplinary mix of speakers coming from business, arts, academia, politics, science, sports, or the non-profit sectors guarantees provocative perspectives and triggers further cooperation among the already interdisciplinary group of participants of the AYLP. The emphasis on building the program in cross-sectoral perspectives provides the uniqueness of the whole experience.

“It’s an opportunity to meet excellent people.” – Tomáš Čupr, Rohlí





Participation Criteria – the prospective candidate must be:

✔ Aged approx. 22 – 35, and of Czech, Hungarian, Polish, or Slovak nationality or a long-term resident living and acting in Central Europe

✔ Fluent in English

✔ Professionally active in politics, business, media, the arts, sports, science, or the nonprofit sector and other

Selection Criteria – the prospective candidate should be:

✔ Exceptional individual (leading position at work, currently working on an innovative project, leading a team of people, with an extraordinary field of work, with extraordinary achievements, disrupting leader, etc.)

✔ An open-minded and active citizen, who is interested in tackling current challenges

✔ Willing to promote cooperation among different professions and segments of society

After completing the program, participants become part of the Aspen Institute Alumni network. They are invited to remain involved in the Institute’s activities and its development as well as among themselves and are further supported by the Institute. The Alumni will be invited to various events organized by Aspen Institute CE and further supported in cooperation and networking. You can take a look at our Alumni network of former participants.


I’m very grateful to Aspen Institute CE for pulling together this inspirational group. Diversity, excellence, drive, and thoughtfulness – those are words that fit not just the speakers but also the participants of AYLP 2016. Thank you all for the long discussions, inspiration, challenges, and ultimately, recharging my optimism.” – Tamara Bobáková, SK


Step away from your daily routine & Apply or Nominate a Young Leader!

👉 Call for Applications is usually opened 4-5 months prior to the Program.

👉 The Program runs twice a year, usually during the spring and the fall.

👉 Specific dates are shared on our website right here or in the News section. 

👉 Or you can follow us on our social media FacebookLinkedInTwitterInstagram where we will inform you about the opening of a new call so you won’t miss anything important. 

👉 If you want to nominate a Young Leader, please check the criteria here.

👉 For any other questions feel free to contact us at


Participation and selection criteria

Participation Fee

The program fee is 850 EUR. AICE can offer a discount in the form of a scholarship to a limited number of applicants upon a request specified in the application. Please see more info about the Participation Fee.

Selection Process

AICE representatives will select approx. 30 participants, best matching the selection criteria, by creating a balanced mix of participants with respect to professional background, nationality, and gender. Selected candidates will receive an invitation together with the Program agenda and organizational details.

Organizer and supporters

The Program is organized by Aspen Institute Central Europe, the Central European partner of the international Aspen network, in cooperation with experienced leaders and expert moderators, acting as facilitators.

The Program is supported by Direct Insurance and VIGO Investments.

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See our AYLP Alumni or look at the past AYLP editions reports:

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