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The Program Fee is 850 €. Aspen Institute CE can offer a discount in the form of a scholarship to a limited number of applicants.


The Participation Fee includes

  • Accommodation for 3 nights
  • All costs related directly to the participation in the Program: study materials, meals, coffee breaks, and all other relevant costs
  • If necessary, the organizers will assist with transport from the nearest airport or train station to the venue

The Participation Fee does not cover

  • International travel insurance
  • Travel costs – each participant is responsible for arranging his/her transportation on his/her own unless agreed upon differently
  • Other expenses (minibar, wellness, and other extra costs) at the hotel & restaurant

The Scholarship

  • The Scholarship is offered in the form of a discount from the Fee (from 35 % up to 75 % of the Fee), not as a monetary contribution
  • The Scholarship is offered to a limited number of Participants upon a request specified in the Application

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