• The Shape of (Central) Europe 2022

    Find all streams, studies, and information about speakers and panels here.

  • Society 4.0: Quo Vadis, Democracy?

    A public debate on the future of democracy, its basic principles and the impact of technology on it.

  • The Future of a Free Press in Central and Eastern Europe

    Trust in media. Reality or desire? Aspen Institute CE and Aspen Digital co organized a unique discussion about the Free Press in CEE.

  • The Digital Economy in the Czech Republic

    E-commerce: An opportunity and a challenge for a better future not only in the Czech Republic, but for the whole CEE region.

  • Report: Aspen Young Leaders Program 2022 October

    Twelfth Edition of the Aspen Young Leaders Program took place in October in Tále, Low Tatras, Slovakia.

  • Socrates Seminar 2022

    The inaugural Socrates Central Europe Seminar 2022 welcomed 20 senior executive leaders from Central Europe and the US.

  • FutureEdu: The Future of Education in the Digital Age

    Second edition of FutureEdu conference with the main theme: he future of the relationship between education and advanced technologies.

  • Changes in the Management team

    Kateřina Polanská will be the new Deputy Executive Director.

  • The future of the Czech labour market

    The Czech labour market will change fundamentally. Are we sufficiently prepared for the new challenges?

  • Ukraine-EU: Closer look A conversation with our partner Aspen Institute Kyiv

    An international discussion #UkrainianDialogue with Aspen Institute Kyiv about conflict in Ukraine.

  • Aspen’s 10th Anniversary

    The Aspen Institute Central Europe was celebrating its 10th Anniversary.

  • McNulty Foundation grantee – Kateřina Vacková, Aspen Alumna

    The McNulty Foundation has chosen Kateřina Vacková, our Alumna and a Founder of Loono to be financially supported by the McNulty Foundation.

  • How to Communicate in Education?

    Expert debate organised as part of the Children Without Borders conference block at the 62nd Zlín Film Festival.

  • Society 4.0: Green Deal Revisited

    A public debate on the future of the Green Deal and shaping its updated EU-wide strategy.

  • Ukraine’s Defense of Freedom: a conversation with our partner Aspen Institute Kyiv

    An international discussion #UkrainianDialogue with Aspen Institute Kyiv about conflict in Ukraine.

  • Discussion with Jacques Rupnik: The Visegrad group, A Collateral Victim of the War in Ukraine?

    The theme of this Geopolitical Zoom held in partnership with Aspen Institute France was the Visegrad group and its growing divisions.

  • Milan Vašina will participate in the digital transformation of the Czech state on behalf of Aspen…

    The establishment of an independent advisory body to the Deputy Prime Minister for Digitalisation Ivan Bartoš, which includes AICE Executive Director Milan Vašina.

  • NATO’s Evolving Role in Global Stability

    This public outreach event was aimed for the general public to discuss not only the current security situation but also familiarize the audience with the Strategic Concept.

  • Madeleine K. Albright announcement

  • Report: Aspen Young Leaders Program 2022 March

    The 11th edition of the AYLP took place on March 24-27, 2022. Thirty-one Young Leaders from the Central Europe gathered in Hnanice, South Moravia, Czech Republic.

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