Aspen Central Europe
Leadership Award

The Aspen Central Europe Leadership Award is bestowed annually by the Aspen Institute CE to young emerging professionals with outstanding achievements in one of the following fields:

  • Active promotion of responsible citizenship
  • Values-based leadership
  • Innovations and/or innovative policies with positive societal impact in Central and Eastern Europe

The certificate is presented at the Aspen Annual Gala Dinner. The prize consists of promoting the awardee’s activities, e.g. by supporting his or her participation in Aspen International Network projects. The aim of the Aspen Europe Leadership Award is to foster the influence and potential of young rising leaders (up to age of 40), who can and want to contribute to improving society.


Nominations for 2021 Award are now closed! 




  • The Executive Director will announce a nomination procedure at least eight months before the planned date of the award presentation and will send a request for nominations to Aspen Young Leaders alumni and to members of all Aspen Institute CE Boards.
  • Each nomination will be accompanied by a brief justification in the nomination letter, and a short bio of the nominee.
  • Nomination will also be open to the public via an online form.
  • Award nominations are due on June 30.
  • The Executive Director will submit a shortlist of three candidates approved by the President of the Board of Directors by August 15. The awardee will be chosen by the Board of Directors from the shortlisted candidates by September 30.

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