• Mapa sociálních a vzdělávacích problémů získala ocenění EDUína

    Mapa sociálních a vzdělávacích problémů, která vznikla u příležitosti naší výroční konference 2019, získala ocenění EDUína.

  • Leadership & Values Seminars

    The Executive Leadership Seminar, an exclusive reading-based seminars focused on the values in leadership.

  • Aspen New Year’s Party 2020

    The Aspen Institute Central Europe New Year’s Party took place on January 8, 2019 at Glass Dome of the German-Czech Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

  • Expertní studie:
    Umělá inteligence
    a příležitosti v ČR

    Expertní studie vypracovaná ve spolupráci s Microsoft si klade za cíl zhodnotit aktuální situaci a ekonomické příležitosti spojené s rozvojem umělé inteligence.

  • The Powerless Are Tired
    The X-mass Aspen.Review is here!

    We have released 2019’s last issue of Aspen.Review! Read the about the reflection on the last 30 years in democracy.

  • Aspen Central Europe Leadership Award 2019

    The 2019 laureates are Do Thu Trang, author of the blog, and Michal Mižigár, a historian of Roma origin.

  • Contributions of AYLP alumni to The Shape of (Central) Europe 2019 conference

    AYLP alumni keep in touch with us. We involve them in our projects, including the Aspen annual conference. This year was no exception.

  • The Shape of Central Europe 2019

    Read the English summary of our 2019 Annual Conference held at Prague Crossroads!

  • Kam kráčíš, Česko 2019

    Výroční konference Aspen Institute Central Europe 2019 v Pražské křižovatce. Ze čtyř panelů hodnotících vývoj České republiky a směřování regionu střední Evropy vzešla konkrétní doporučení vládě ČR.

  • Internship Offer

    The Aspen Institute Central Europe is looking for an active and highly-motivated university student for an internship.

  • Roundtables with PEW Research Centre

    Expert round tables for sociologists and senators to meet with representatives of Pew Research Center to discuss the results of the survey in the context of the Czech Republic and Central Europe.

  • Škola a společnost: hledání inspirace

    Veřejná regionální debata v Ostravě na téma vzdělávání – konkurenceschopnost, která předjímá Výroční konferenci “Kam kráčíš Česko?” 2019.

  • Mesto: jediná zastávka pre kvalitný život?

    Veřejná regionální debata v Košicích na téma kvality života v regionálním kontextu, která předjímá Výroční konferenci “Kam kráčíš Česko?” 2019.

  • Shaping Effective Innovation Policy: Smart and Digital Mobility

    An Innovation round-table, co-organized with the Embassy of the Netherlands, and hosted by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Czech Republic.

  • Security – Innovations

    A regional debate preceding the Aspen Annual Conference was held within the Warsaw Security Forum 2019.

  • Digital Disinformation Workshop

    Disinformation has always been here. The digital transformation has increased its impact and spread dramatically. The reach and influence of social and online media in general is much bigger than the…

  • Digital (Dis)Information Overload

    A public debate on the role of new technologies in disinformation, manipulation, propaganda and deep fake was held on September 24, in CEVRO Institute.

  • Saving Europe? New Aspen.Review is out!

    We have released the 3rd issue of 2019 Aspen.Review, with the title Saving Europe? The Czechs and Slovaks, the two most Eurosceptic nations in Europe, elected the two most pro‑European delegations to…

  • Report: Aspen Young Leaders
    Program 2019 II.

    The 9th edition of the Aspen Young Leaders Program took place in the Beskid Mountains in Poland.

  • Society vs. Nature 4.0

    Public debate from the Society 4.0 series, this time on the impact of modern society on nature.

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